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SGS currently offers a state syllabus curriculum which is additionally backed with supplementary NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbooks used by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) based schools. The School also offers its own in-house books and study material for Spoken English.


SGS is an English medium school wherein the medium of instruction is entirely in English. Except during language classes like Kannada, Hindi, and Sanskrit, students are expected to converse in English with teachers & peers.

Spoken English is given utmost importance at SGS which is further reinforced with the introduction of a separate Communicative English textbook to be a part of curriculum at all levels starting Standard 5.

Every SGS teacher is trained to pick up deliberate English conversations with students at all levels. This is just to acclimatize students to every day English dialogues which in turn will encourage children to speak in English even outside the school.


At SGS, in order to set a strong foundation in Maths & Science, additional CBSE textbooks are used along with regular textbooks prescribed by the Karnataka state government.

SRF Indian Abacus is taught as a part of syllabus from Class I to VIII to reinforce math skills from a young age.


The importance of information technology needs no introduction after witnessing how the entire world was forced to go digital amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It is only natural that we at SGS aim to empower our children with IT skills needed to tackle the challenges of the future.

We highly recommend parents to invest on a Windows-based tablet or laptop for the convenience of their children as students will be familiarized with an introduction to IT from a very young age at SGS.

The advantages of using digital gadgets in education is multi-fold and we are confident that our children can make constructive use of a tablet or laptop which includes accessing assignments online, attending a webinar organized by a subject teacher, checking out an educational video recommended or shared by the teacher and even to get in touch with the subject teachers to clarify doubts in real time.

Table A is a list of desirable specifications to look for when choosing a good Microsoft Windows-based tablet or laptop for the convenience of your children. Table B enumerates the approximate prices ranging from cheapest to high-end brands (online prices taken as of 2020). The brand names & prices to be used as a guide only, as the choice is entirely left to the convenience of parents.
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