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Welcome To Sree Guru Sadana

At SGS, we bring out the best in every student, both inside and outside the classroom through participatory activities.

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Empowering with Education & Innovation

Our perseverance for innovation in education encourages both teachers and students to explore every possible tool to discover new things.

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Imparting Value Based Quality Education Since 2011

The unique teaching-learning culture at SGS fosters your child’s ability to excel in both scholastic & co-scholastic activities.

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Best Classrooms

Our spacious & airy classrooms offer a combination of both conventional chalkboard-teaching & technology-based audio-visual learning fitted with Educomp devices.

Expert Teachers

SGS educators are highly qualified professionals who possess in-depth knowledge in their respective subjects and child psychology.

Innovative Learning

Our unique teaching-learning culture encourages a thought process involving both educators and learners to look at problems differently to derive solutions.

About SGS

Sree Guru Sadana (SGS) is an umbrella brand name that encompasses all the educational services that come under its purview. Located in Malur taluk, Sree Guru Public School (SGPS) is the first & foremost SGS undertaking which was started in the year 2011, aimed at Holistic Development of children.

SGS runs a specialized school establishment that offers English-medium schooling from Playschool to Standard 10 (SSLC) and is affiliated to the Karnataka State Syllabus.

Playschool at SGS follows the most popular Montessori method of learning that emphasizes on child-lead learning. Teachers play the role of facilitating this type of learning by choice, and ensure it is carried out in a fun & secure environment.

For Primary & Secondary levels, SGS follows a combination of external & State Syllabus textbooks from Kindergarten to Standard 5 before phasing into only State Syllabus books from Standard 6 up until SSLC. The students appear for Public Exams twice, once in Standard 7 and the second time to pass SSLC.

Starting Academic Year 2020-21 from Kindergarten to Standard 5, SGS has decided to include NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) books used by CBSE schools, to serve as additional reference material for Math & Science subjects along with the textbooks prescribed by the State.

SGS aims at making children tech-savvy from early years to take learning beyond classrooms and to foster learning via virtual classrooms. In view of this endeavour, English & IT remain in the limelight along with other subjects & co-scholastic activities.

SGS aspires to embark on starting the below educational establishments in due course of time;

  1. PU College
  2. Polytechnic College
  3. Degree College
  4. CBSE School
  5. Teacher Training Courses
  6. Computer Courses
  7. Vocational Training Courses


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SGS Best Practices

Our Holistic Learning Curriculum facilitates a student's total learning experience - to take place in tandem, both inside and outside the classroom. This holistic growth is bound to bring out the best in students as our high quality and broad education spectrum prepares students to succeed at all strides of life.

Affordable Education

SGS envisions a futuristic India whose well-educated human resource will become the most sought-after asset all around the world.

With this vision in mind, SGS’s mission is to offer high-quality education at the most affordable prices so that even a layman can afford to get his children educated in a premier setting.

Also available at Sree Public School are RTE reserved free seats for which parents need to apply at the B.E.O. Office, Malur.

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Holistic Schooling

A child’s holistic learning takes place when a school gives equal importance to academics, sports, co-curricular & extra-curricular activities.

We ensure SGS students get every exposure needed to go through a structured and all-round development. Our holistic curriculum approach is instrumental in transforming our children into independent & confident individuals who shall become effective leaders of tomorrow.

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Expert Educators

SGS educators are proficient in teaching & understanding student psychology. We are a place wherein every child’s intellectual & emotional needs shall be catered to. Our rule of thumb ‘no child left behind’ is the guiding principle of our mission which is to facilitate ‘education to all’.

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Participatory Learning

The Participatory Learning Technique (PLT) is the most popular teaching methodology that motivates students to take part in the teaching process, which in turn improves learner’s participation.

PTL also fosters a peer-based learning process which is both fun & informative as the theoretical ideas are conveyed to the class by means of hands-on activities. PLT is one of the teaching methodologies adapted at SGS to increase learning effectiveness.

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Audio-Visual Classrooms

SGS classrooms are equipped with Educomp Audio-Visual (AV) Devices that take classroom sessions beyond textbooks & hands-on activities. Audio-visual learning lets children witness the theoretical concept on the screen to better understand the theory, all happening concurrent to the classes right in front of students.

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CCTV Monitored Campus

SGS is a safe & secure haven for children of all ages. Students are constantly monitored by members of the teaching & non-teaching staff along with helpers.

Additionally, there are 42 CCTV cameras that constantly monitor every human activity within our campus.

It is one of the fundamental policies of SGS to deal with strictest repercussions should there be any kind of anti-social activities even in the neighbourhoods of the school campus.

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