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School Life


School prayer & school assembly is held every morning (Monday to Saturday) from 9:00 to 9:30am. On rotational basis, students get an opportunity to address their schoolmates and share an insight into the trending current events, talk on historical events of the past to showcase their talent.

Special assemblies are held to mark occasional events like festivals, and dates of historical importance like Indian Independence Day & Republic Day. Students are advised to arrive early in the morning, so they do not miss the assembly time.


No student shall absent from classes without prior notice to School since any absence without leave exceeding 15 schooling days is construed as discontinuation. Although attendance is compulsory, children suffering from contagious infections like flu/influenza, measles, mumps, or any other illness must not be sent to school.

A doctor certificate needs to be mandatorily submitted to the class teacher to certify recovery from illness before resuming school. SGS takes every step to break the chain of infection from spreading within the campus & parents are expected to abide by such regulations made by the School from time to time


School Uniform includes dress, shoes, socks, tie & belt prescribed by SGS. Uniform is mandatory at all levels of schooling unless it is the student’s birthday & he/she wishes to dress in civil clothing of choice.

Neat & tidy appearance is expected of all students at SGS as we profess & practice ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.


Currently SGS plies 8 dedicated school buses for the convenience of commuting students. Enlisting for school bus is completely optional and depends on whether a route is covered by the school bus or not.

The arrival & departure of the buses is supervised by duty members of the teaching staff. For safety purposes, students are expected to remain seated and maintain a disciplined demeanour throughout the journey of pick up & drop off in the school bus.

Any reported misbehaviour will be dealt with in the interest of safety and wellbeing of other students.


As a part of SGS’s commitment to innovative learning, we offer students a holistic education, that will mould them into becoming adaptable life-long learners, productive citizens, effective speakers and highly resilient individuals.

Our schooling programme lays equal emphasis on academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. SGS students get to experience a wide range of activity-filled periods including but not limited to IT-Lab, Science Lab, Library, Physical Education, Yoga, Dance/Aerobics, Speech & Drama, Art & Craft, Music, Yoga, and Club Activities.


Inter-school & Intra-school competitions at SGS and other schools are yet another arena in which students get to showcase their hidden talent. Our teachers encourage students to take part in competitions without giving scope for students to shy away from such opportunities.

Age-appropriate competitions aimed at different levels consists of events like Fancy Dress, Storytelling, Drama, Dance, Singing, Elocution, Spelling Bee, Quiz, Writing, Chess, Poetry Recitation, Sports, Monologue, Short Skit and several other extravaganzas.

SGS Sports events include cricket, table tennis, kho-kho, kabaddi, throwball, volleyball, running, javelin throw, high jump, long jump, etc.


Parents are requested to send well-balanced cooked food that the child prefers to eat. Since break time is given for both eating and playing, food quantity must be ideal which the child can happily finish and engage in some playtime.

Although sharing is a positive virtue, SGS policy in this regard is to discourage children from sharing food and water bottles as a health precaution.


SGS engages a third-party vegetarian canteen facility that offers only healthy snacks, drinks, and food items sold in the school campus. Parents are advised to maintain a monthly payable account with the cafeteria operator so that children do not have to carry money to school.

The school is not responsible for the money handled by the students. Also, SGS does not permit children to lend/borrow money from other children to buy food and drinks from the cafeteria.


SGS shall maintain active social media presence by routinely posting students’ pictures, videos, and content on the school’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. Parents are expected to follow SGS on these platforms for live updates on the school events & happenings.

Parents are also expected to let the school know if they wish to keep their child’s identity hidden on our social media platforms. In the absence of such an intimation, it is implied that SGS reserves the right to use such pictures and videos on its social media platforms.


Upon successful admission into SGS, a specially framed School Handbook will be made available to parents / guardians and students.

The handbook serves as a detailed guide for our new members outlining the policies and procedures to be followed during the school year. For general enquiries, please contact us